Cancellation Notice: In order to cancel a booking, clients must give at least 48 hours’ notice. This gives the model or service provider the opportunity to make any required modifications or possibly fill the time slot with another reservation.

Complete Refund for Prompt Cancellation: Clients are eligible for a complete reimbursement of any money paid, including deposits, if they cancel at least 48 hours prior to the planned reservation. This is a reasonable procedure that guarantees customers won’t incur financial penalties for valid cancellations made within the allotted period.

No Refund for Late Cancellations: Cancellations made 24 hours or less before the booking date will result in the forfeiture of the entire fee or deposit paid. This strategy is in place to pay the model for time and opportunity that have been reserved for the client and cannot be shifted on short notice.

No Exceptions: The guideline is strictly enforced, no exceptions. This is critical to ensuring fairness and consistency for both the service provider and the clients. The reason for this guideline is to safeguard the model’s income and schedule. When a booking is confirmed, the model frequently declines additional prospective chances. Late cancellations might result in financial loss and scheduling issues, thus the policy is designed to pay the model for the time and resources dedicated to the booking. This policy must be clearly communicated to clients and acknowledged and agreed to in writing when making a booking. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and ensures that both parties understand the terms of the agreement.

Terms of payment:

Option 1: Some service sectors utilize a stringent payment policy that requires complete cash payment within 10 minutes of the meeting. To guarantee a smooth and respectful transaction, this payment policy should be clarified and agreed upon ahead of time.

Option 2: Pre-booking A 50% deposit is required to confirm the pre-booking. This payment is often paid in advance and serves as the client’s promise to use the model’s services on the specified date. The remaining payment is due upon the receipt of the model. Clients can pay this sum in cash or through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to Moonlight Secrets.

Please take note:
Payment cannot be negotiated. This guideline suggests that there is no opportunity for bargaining with the model on payment conditions. The payment terms and quantities are defined, and clients are expected to stick to them without negotiating or attempting to change them.

Booking Extensions: If clients wish to prolong the period of their booking, they must submit their request to the agent. Furthermore, any extensions must be paid immediately. This can be done in cash or with an electronic funds transfer (EFT). These additional policies have been put in place to ensure clarity, professionalism, and compliance with the agreed-upon terms. Making it clear that there will be no payment negotiations helps to avoid disagreements or misunderstandings. Furthermore, the demand for early payment for extensions guarantees that the model’s time is adequately compensated for any additional services delivered after the initially agreed-upon booking period.


No Personal Numbers Exchanged: This policy strictly prohibits the communication of personal contact information between clients and models at any time. It is a precaution used to maintain limits and professionalism in the workplace.

Grooming and Presentation: Clients should be well-groomed and presentable when meeting with the model. This ensures a professional and respectful relationship throughout the booking process.

Treat Models with Respect: Clients are instructed to show models the highest respect at all times. This is a fundamental expectation for creating a comfortable and safe working environment.

Gentlemanly Conduct: Clients are expected to behave and act like gentlemen. This includes being nice and considerate throughout the booking.

Advance Notice for Last-Minute Bookings: Clients are asked to provide the model with 2-3 hours’ advance notice for last-minute engagements. This gives the model time to prepare and travel to the specified location, resulting in a seamless and organized encounter.

These standards and expectations foster a healthy and professional working relationship between clients and models.

Overnight booking:

Personalised Overnight Bookings: According to your policy, “overnight” bookings are for a six-hour stay. If consumers require a booking for more than 6 hours, it will be considered a custom arrangement and priced accordingly. This enables for flexibility in service lengths to fit individual tastes.

Personalised Pricing: For bookings that surpass the regular 6-hour period, pricing will be determined on an individual basis. This means that rates may vary depending on the client’s individual needs and the model.

Accessibility and Security Restrictions: Clients are asked to share any access or security restrictions associated with their hotel guest card. This information is essential for the agency in notifying the model escort and making preparations for her successful access to the client’s premises.

These additional details help to ensure that clients understand their booking alternatives and that security and access issues are adequately managed. As with other terms and conditions, these special policies must be carefully communicated and documented so that both clients and models are informed and prepared for their bookings.

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